Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christians don't think because they don't want to make Jeebus cry.

Everything I write about Christians and their many problems also applies to Muslims, Jews, and all other superstitious idiots. I usually write only about Christians because they are the majority religion in Idiot America and because Christians more than anyone else are destroying this country (their brainwashing of children, their war against science education, etc.).

Christians should try to assume everything they believe is bullshit and then try to justify it. For example they should say heaven is just wishful thinking, a childish fantasy for cowards. Then they should try to figure out how it could be true anyway. They won't do this because they don't want to think and they don't know how to think. Their natural desire to understand and their curiosity was sucked out of them thanks to several years of religious brainwashing when they were children. So they don't even try to think. If all Christians were somehow able to think their death cult would go extinct in a few days.

I'm now going to pretend that some day a Christian will read this post and he or she will try to prove me wrong. That Christian will try to think.

OK, Mr. or Ms. Christian, let's go thru the process I recommended. Let's temporarily throw out the heaven idea and then try to justify it. I suggest start with the heaven belief because without it nobody would ever again bother to go to church and then preachers would have to get real jobs.

OK, you just threw out heaven. Now what? How do you get heaven back? How do you justify this childish fantasy? Did you notice only a coward would wish for it? Did you notice heaven is impossible? Did you notice the idea there's a life after death is ridiculous? I assume you already know terrorism would be impossible without the idiotic heaven fantasy. Most important of all, do you realize how totally free you feel knowing there's no life after death for you to worry about? Now you can do anything you want without worrying about whether or not the Magic Man in the sky would like what you're doing. For example, if you wanted to kill a human baby and eat it for breakfast, you could go ahead and do that.

Guess what, you wouldn't do that. Why not? Because you don't really need a reward in a magical heaven (or a threat of torture in a magical hell) to act civilized. Being considerate toward others is what people do naturally. Millions of years of evolution by natural selection have made us this way. Without our altruism our species would have went extinct a long time ago. Even our closest non-human cousins, the chimpanzee apes, are altruistic, and they don't have a superstitious belief in a magical paradise.

Perhaps you want to go back to believing in heaven anyway. How can you justify this? Try counting the number of miracles required to make the heaven bullshit possible. Now try to wonder why a Master of the Universe would bother with it. What makes you so special that an all-knowing supernatural magician would give a shit about you?

Please understand Mr. or Ms. Christian, you don't need a make-believe heaven because you're living in a real heaven right now. It's called the Earth and it's the best possible place for us human apes to live in. We are a perfect fit for this planet because billions of years of natural selection made us that way. And thousands of years of artificial selection have made Earth a real paradise, full of custom made (by us) farm animals and plants that are delicious to eat. We have beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and perfect weather (if you live in south Florida where I live). What more could a person want? I'm totally satisfied with this real paradise I live in, and I don't wish for eternal boredom in the fake paradise Christians and Muslim terrorists believe in.

How did you do, Mr. or Ms. Christian? Did you think it out? Did you decide to grow up, face facts, be grateful for the one real life you have, and not be greedy for something more? Or are you still a gullible idiot, willing to believe any bullshit if it makes you feel good?

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  1. Oh how wonderful it is to read a blog with the guts to speak the truth about the amusing nonsense that is religious belief. It beggars me that billions of people are brain dead enough to subscribe to it, to promote it as fact, to sincerely believe in as sky fairy and its mythical son. What trollop, and so blindingly obviously so. Keep up the good work!


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