Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bible thumpers will never visit this blog because they don't want to make Jeebus cry.

If a Christian ever reads this post, he or she might not much care for the label I gave it, "Christian retards". I ask Christians to please at least give me some credit for being honest. The wimpy atheists who suck up to you also think you're retarded. They are just pretending to be nice when they really have nothing but contempt for you. They are liars and I'm honest.

The purpose of this post is I want to ask Bible thumpers an important question. You believe the Bible is the word of god, as if the Master of the Universe would write a boring book full of violence, genocide, and idiotic stories for some human apes on this tiny planet in the middle of nowhere. You call the Bible "The Word".

My question is WHY?

Why are you Bible thumpers gullible enough to believe a magic god fairy had anything to do with your worthless holy book? What logic do you use to make this ridiculous assumption? Do you just blindly accept every idiotic idea you were brainwashed to believe? Do you thumpers ever think? Do you ever have an original thought? Do you ever wonder if you've been wrong about everything your entire lives?

The reason I'm asking why do you believe the Bible is The Word is because this belief has made you stupid. Your childish fantasy (god wrote the Bible) is keeping you permanently stuck in the Dark Ages. It's ruining your lives and the lives of your children who you are infecting with your disease.

You thumpers are convinced god, with its superior intelligence, incapable of being wrong, knows more about everything than any human ape who ever lived, even the most brilliant scientists of the 21st century. Therefore if a biologist discovers evidence that conflicts with the childish bullshit in Genesis, the biologist is wrong and god is right, and this can never be questioned. So you throw out powerful evidence for evolution without ever bothering to understand it. The Bible and your belief that god wrote it has made you willfully ignorant, not to mention extremely insane.

Because you were brainwashed to believe the Bible is The Word, you blindly believe everything in it, never caring about what the world's scientists say about it, never caring how ridiculous the stories are. You have become drooling morons.

Even though your mental illness is virtually always incurable, I would like to help you. That's why I asked you how can you be so sure your brainwashing was correct. How can you be certain the Bible is the word of god when every educated person in the world agrees the whole thing is bullshit? If you try to answer my question, if you try to explain your reasoning, you will have to think which is something you have never done before. Thinking is what might save you from a lifetime of insanity, and that's why I'm encouraging you to think.

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