Friday, March 4, 2011

Muslims, your Prophet Mohammed was a fucking idiot, and you're equally retarded.

You Muslims who think you're moderate (as if there's something moderate about being an asshole), you can't change the fact that you belong to a terrorist organization.

Your other problem is virtually all of you uneducated morons believe in magical creationism as did your worthless prophet. You Muslim scum belong to an anti-science organization. And that's what you assholes are. You're scum, a disgrace to the human race.

If you're a looney liberal suck-up wimp who thinks calling Muslims scum is racism, don't worry because I think you're even lower than scum, lower than the worst terrorist. Also, the last time I checked Islam was not a race. Islam is an organization of cowardly idiots who cry like babies and/or get violent whenever somebody doesn't suck up to their world-class retard, the Prophet Mohammed.

A death penalty for blasphemy? There should be nothing but applause for blasphemy.

Anyone with any moral values, with any sense of decency, would throw out the idiotic Islam cult, but you Muslim assholes won't do that because you're cowards.

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