Saturday, March 5, 2011

I found another dishonest Wacko-For-Jeebus.

Science deniers are dishonest about science and they're dishonest about their own childish religious beliefs. This tard says his intelligent designer isn't a god fairy as if anyone is going to believe him. Christian liars lie even when everyone knows they're lying.

This website belongs to a pro-science normal person. The dishonest Jeebus comments were written by the tard.

After visiting the tard's blog I wrote these comments on the normal person's blog:

Everyone knows “intelligent design” are fancy code words that dishonest Christians use when they really mean “The Magic Man did it.”

You invoke magic to solve scientific problems and you call biologists “EvoTards”. Why are you afraid of biology?


"Do you think computer designers use magic?"

Your comparison doesn’t work because computers are not magically created out of nothing. Your designer, also known as God, creates stuff out of nothing.

Why are you so terrified of reality? Are you worried you will make Jeebus cry if you ever grow up?


On your blog you wrote “I happen to know that ID does not require a belief in ‘God’.”

OK. Then can you please answer this simple question:

Who is the designer?

I will not be impressed if you say “It doesn’t matter” or “I don’t know” or “Maybe it was an alien”.

Can you answer my question honestly? I doubt it.

One more thing. Biologists never invoke a god or a designer or any other magician. That’s the difference between science and your pseudo-science.

Joe G, if intelligent design wasn’t identical to magical creationism it would be so obvious you would never have to spend so much time denying it. I noticed biologists never have to deny evolution is creationism. Perhaps that’s because biologists never invoke magic like you do.


  1. You need to come hang out at Panda's Thunb and After the Bar Closes (the forum for PT).

    It's full of real nut jobs. Of course JoeG takes the cake.

    We once had a month long argument with him trying to convince him that hail was made of water.

    JoeG is, apparently, a scientist. He has determined that ticks prefer watermelon to oranges.

    He is a piece of work.

  2. Joe G, on this and on another post you have shown beyond any doubt that you're unusually retarded, and of course it's obvious you're an asshole.

    One more comment from you and ALL of your comments will be vaporized. I only allow humans to write comments here.


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