Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fuck off Muslim scum.

100 percent of suicide bombers are Muslims. That's an established fact even Muslim assholes have to admit.

Islam is a terrorist organization and anyone who belongs to it is a stupid fucking asshole.

There will be more suicide bombings tomorrow, the next day, and every single day after that until Islam is completely eradicated from this planet.

If you're a moderate Muslim (as if being a gullible retard is moderate) you're part of the problem. If you had any sense of decency you would have thrown out your idiotic terrorist organization ten years ago.

If you're a Christian tard you're part of the terrorism problem because your childish heaven fantasy is what makes suicide bombing possible. Grow up you assholes for Jeebus.


I did not write the following paragraph (in bold). It came from

The website, before publishing the paragraph in bold, wrote:

"However, we've also received an alarming number of hateful and violent anti-Muslim posts. What follows are excerpts from some of the ones that were deleted. We publish them here because we feel it's important that we all understand how close we are to an anti-Muslim backlash that could bring great shame to the United States."

Looney liberal wimps worry about "great shame to the United States", as if people are who are not suck-ups are equal to the subhumans who belong to the terrorist organization called Islam.

Look it looney liberals, look it Muslim scum, if I found out I belonged to a terrorist organization, whether or not it was religious, I would quickly throw that organization out. Unlike Muslim scum (and the theist and atheist scum who suck up to Muslim scum), I have moral values.

It's fair to say the following paragraph in bold is a bit too extreme, but it's a perfectly reasonable reaction to what happened on 9/11/2001. Imagine having to choose between being burned alive or jumping to smash into the pavement 100 floors below, to explode into a red mist. Just imagine that. Then imagine the reason for it --- the cowardly Muslim scum who think their idiotic cult is too important for them to grow up and throw it out. Fuck off Muslims. You're all retarded assholes, as stupid as the American wimps who suck up to your insanity.

"You and your Muslim community are the bastards harbouring these terrorist. You use your mosques as Islamic Terrorist funding centers. We should evict you Muslim scum, burn down your Mosques, and then Nuke Mecca and Medina. Islam has everything to do with Islamic terrorism, that is why America should do everything in our power to destroy Islam and Muslims before they can do this type of terrorism again."


Please see the photo at Islam, the religion of peace.


Islam is a branch of theism. It's fair to say all of theism is a terrorist organization because virtually all theists have a cowardly belief in the idiotic heaven fantasy that makes terrorism possible.

Did the world's theists throw out their terrorist organization after 9/11/2001? No, of course not. They would rather deny all of reality than have the decency to throw out the childish heaven fantasy that made the 9/11 atrocities possible.

It's fair to say all theists (and the equally insane agnostics) are responsible for the world's out of control religious violence. All theists and agnostics are scum.


A google search for "Muslim scum" gave me 5,940,000 results, including this post and including this YouTube video which I recommend: Muslim Scum vs the rest of the World

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