Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why evolution deniers almost never recover from their disease.

The short answer is stupid can't be fixed.

I enjoy reading about new scientific discoveries that add to the mountains of evidence for evolution. It's very interesting to me how scientists frequently make predictions that absolutely must be correct if evolution is true. Always, every single time for the past 152 years, the predictions have been correct, often spectacularly correct in extreme detail. My favorite examples include the predictions about human chromosome two and when paleontologists not only predicted fossils intermediate between fish and land animals would be found, they were also able to predict exactly where those fossils would be, on a Canadian island near the Arctic Circle.

After several years of studying this stuff I couldn't possibly be more convinced evolution by natural selection is a bloody fact, as most certainly true as our planet's orbit around the sun. Evolution isn't true because every biologist in the world says it's true. Evolution is a basic fact because biologists are not exaggerating when they say the evidence is overwhelming.

Evolution is interesting to me because I understand how it works and because the evidence I have studied so far is amazing. Evolution is also interesting to me because I live in a backward uneducated country infested with millions of evolution deniers. You may have heard of my idiot country. It's called the United States of Jeebus.

So here I am, in love with the strongest fact of science, and I'm surrounded by drooling morons who call evolution a myth. What's very strange is what these tards invoke instead of evolution to explain the history of life. They say that instead of every species developing naturally thanks to evolution by natural selection (and other natural mechanisms like genetic drift), they invoke supernatural magic that causes millions of different species to appear instantly out of nothing. They claim every creature was magically created from scratch and there's no relationship between any species. Even more strange these tards think their magical creation fantasy is a fact, despite there being not one shred of evidence for any of it.

Of course the evolution deniers who invoke magic instead of massive scientific evidence are ridiculously wrong. Their magical creation fantasy is as batshit crazy as the idea the earth is flat. Their denial of evolution despite the extremely powerful evidence for it is as bloody stupid as denying the truth of the Holocaust or America's successful trips to the moon.

What motivates these American tards to disgrace their country? Why do they insist on being uneducated morons their entire pathetic lives?

Perhaps their biggest problem with evolutionary biology is they have been trained since they were very young to think the modern human ape species is completely different from the rest of nature. They are taught there are people and there are animals, and people are vastly superior to the animals. They for some strange reason claim that people are not animals. But what else could we be? We certainly are not plants. When told by their biology teacher they are descended from ancient apes (and we are still an ape species) they think that's a joke or an insult, something too impossible and too wild of an idea to take seriously. They are so convinced people are not part of nature they refuse to look at or try to understand the evidence that has repeatedly shown beyond any doubt they are wrong.

Almost as massive as the evidence for evolution is Idiot America's anti-science organizations, also known as religions. Thousands of people have jobs that wouldn't exist if not for their science denying customers. They are called priests, preachers, clerics, and professional liars for Jeebus and Mohammed. They attack modern biology with dishonesty and with a promise only a gullible coward would like, a chance to live a 2nd eternal life as long as they continue to invoke a god's magic wand to explain the history of life.

In civilized educated countries (everywhere except the excessively religious United States and the Middle East) acceptance of the basic facts of evolutionary biology is not a problem. Instead of professional assholes for Jeebus they have intelligent competent biology teachers. Their students learn how to love science instead of learning how to fear science.

I have little hope for Idiot America. Just look at our politicians for example. Virtually every candidate for the 2012 election for President of the United States is a science denier as was our previous president. We are a nation of imbeciles and our leaders are retards.


  1. "Virtually every candidate for the 2012 election for President of the United States is a science denier as was our previous president. We are a nation of imbeciles and our leaders are retards."

    Right on. It makes me want to scream every time I hear a political speech end with the words "god bless America."

    I give a lot of credit to the good people of Australia for being able to see beyond the failure of "belief" and electing an atheist--and female--prime minister. At least there's a glimmer of hope for the world.

  2. I wrote about Prime Minister Julia Gillard here.


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