Thursday, August 4, 2011

Faith: a belief in idiotic childish bullshit that couldn't possibly have any evidence.

Hello religious retards. In today's lesson I try to explain to you cowardly morons why what you call having faith is an extremely stupid thing to do.

Christian and Muslim assholes often say they are defending their faith as they try to justify the bullshit they believe in. The only thing they accomplish is they provide more evidence for the idea they're bloody insane.

You fucking idiots need to understand an important concept. If an idea is both ridiculous and totally without any evidence, that idea needs to be thrown out. If later some people dishonestly say they have evidence for the bullshit, you tards need to understand that evidence needs to be more than fantastic and more than overwhelming. The more insane the idea (and there's nothing more batshit crazy than every religious fantasy ever invented) then for that idea to be accepted there must be a massive amount of proof. For example, a large number of dead gullible witnesses is nowhere near the amount of evidence required for the disgusting idiotic anti-reality Resurrection idea (the stinking dead Jeebus became a zombie).

Here's some more important concepts you imbeciles need to understand. The impossible never happens. Every god fairy ever invented is nothing more than a magician. There's no magic in the universe.

And for you fucking assholes who deny any science that conflicts with your mental illness: if you think evolution is false, that doesn't mean evolution is false. It only means you're an uneducated moron.

Understand tards? Of course not. If you subhumans had any intelligence at all you would have thrown out your medieval superstitions a long time ago.

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