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A challenge for Christian and Muslim science deniers. Explain the existence of lanugo on human ape and whale fetuses.

Science deniers, please first read and understand the scientific explanation (in italics) of lanugo on human and whale fetuses, then read the rest of this post, then if you disagree with all the world's biologists, please give your explanation for the lanugo that is gone a month before birth. Many thanks.

One of my favorite cases of embryological evidence for evolution is the furry human fetus. We are famously known as "naked apes" because, unlike other primates, we don't have a thick coat of hair. But in fact for one brief period we do--as embryos. Around sixth months after conception, we become completely covered with a fine, downy coat of hair called lanugo. Lanugo is usually shed about a month before birth, when it's replaced by the more sparsely distributed hair with which we're born. (Premature infants, however, are sometimes born with lanugo, which soon falls off.) Now, there's no need for a human embryo to have a transitory coat of hair. After all, it's a cozy 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit in the womb. Lanugo can be explained only as a remnant of our primate ancestry: fetal monkeys also develop a coat of hair at about the same stage of development. Their hair, however, doesn't fall out, but hangs on to become the adult coat. And, like humans, fetal whales also have lanugo, a remnant of when their ancestors lived on land.
From Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne

• Lanugo. This little-known developmental phenomenon is an important clue to our mammalian past. Lanugo is a coat of fine, downy hair that fetuses grow while in the womb, covering the entire body except for the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands. Typically, lanugo is shed by the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, although premature infants may retain it for several weeks after birth. The question is why we grow it at all, and the theory of evolution can easily explain this as a vestigial characteristic retained from our furry ancestors.

Human ape fetuses and whale fetuses are covered with hair which drops off before birth. The hair is a remnant of our ancient hairy ape ancestors and it's a remnant of whale ancestors who lived on land. This is the only possible scientific explanation. What is your magical explanation?

My point is for lanugo your magical explanation will not make any sense. Your fairy didn't need to cover a human fetus with hair to keep it warm because it's 98.6 degrees in there, which is quite warm enough.

A few months ago at the website of a professional science denier, the idiot explained why he thought all the world's biologists were wrong about their reason for lanugo, even though any non-scientist could have figured out something so obvious. So I asked him "What's your explanation for lanugo on human and whale fetuses?" He of course completely ignored my question because he couldn't answer it.

Lanugo on human embryos is just one of thousands of facts that only make sense if evolution is true. You science deniers can't explain any of these facts unless of course you think your dishonesty and your not being able to understand anything is an explanation.

Here is a hint for you science deniers. The correct answer is "The biologists are correct. Lanugo on human and whale fetuses only makes sense if evolution is true."

If you science deniers think you know more about biology than all the world's biologists, then what's your explanation for lanugo on human and whale fetuses?


Here's a question for Christians who accept our evolutionary relationship with the other modern apes species. Your dead Jeebus was a creationist. Why do you worship a dead science denier?

Another question for Christians: Your dead Jeebus, if he was real and if you can believe the fantasies in your idiotic bible, was the son of an all-knowing magic fairy. If that bullshit is true, then why was your dead Jeebus an uneducated moron?


I wrote two comments for a full-of-shit science denier at

He knows nothing about biology but like most retarded assholes who deny basic scientific facts he thinks he's qualified to write about it. Here's the 2 comments:
Human Ape said...

You wrote:
These gradational changes are the "mutations" so near and dear to the evolutionary biologist, and without which he would be left with no mechanism at all. And in the scheme of this mechanism, these mutations are supposed to be guided by the non-intelligent hand of "adaptation" to external environmental changes and the necessities which those changes, by chance, happen to impose upon living things.

By chance? Are you aware that natural selection is not "by chance"? The favorable mutations are random but the selection of those mutations is not by chance. What works gets selected. What doesn't work disappears from the population because those creatures drop dead before they can reproduce.

Pretty simple concept but for some reason science deniers don't seem to understand it.

There are thousands of facts of nature that only make sense if evolution is true. Here's an example: The human fetus is covered with hair (called lanugo). It drops off about one month before birth. What's it doing there? A designer would have no reason to use its magic wand to create hair on a human fetus because it's 98.6 degrees in there, quite warm enough. Evolution explains this fact of nature perfectly and obviously. The lanugo on the fetuses of human apes is a remnant of our hairy ancient ape ancestors.

A famous quote: Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution. Every serious biologist in the world completely agrees with that quote. You science deniers must think all the world's biologists are dishonest and/or incompetent.

Of course who knows what a science denier thinks. Perhaps they don't even know how to think. More likely they don't want to think because that might hurt their brains. It's so much easier to invoke supernatural magic to explain the facts of nature. Unfortunately for the science deniers, their magic fantasies never make sense. Invoking magic never has and never will solve any scientific problem. Even when they use code words like design for magic, it's still magic and it's still a childish lazy excuse to not think.

Also, while the massive evidence for evolution has been accumulating for more than 150 years, and while that evidence continues to grow more and more rapidly thanks to amazing discoveries by molecular biologists, the evidence for magic, also known as design, also known as the Genesis fantasy in the Bible, has not one shred of evidence. The science deniers don't even know what the designer's magic wand is made out of. The whole thing is so childish it would be a waste of time to ridicule it if not for the millions of science deniers who infest Idiot America.

For more information about lanugo, which are also on whale fetuses (whales developed from hairy land animals), you could read my post about it at

Human Ape said...

Sorry, one more thing. It's interesting that a "Writer/Editor/Proofreader" thinks he's qualified to write about biology.

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