Monday, October 10, 2011

A Christian asshole on a Ohio school board said "I’m a Christian. I believe God created us. I’d like to see God back in school.”

Ohio school board member unsuccessfully tried to force biology teachers to teach magical creationism.

Springboro, Ohio is an affluent suburb of Cincinnati, so this is not like some backward hick-infested small town in Alabama. But still their five member school board has two uneducated morons, also known as Christian assholes.

One of the Christian assholes (Kelly Kohls) wanted to change the science curriculum of their public high school to force biology teachers to teach intelligent design, which are code words dishonest Christian assholes use when they really mean god-magically-created-people-out-of-nothing. Did the Christian asshole expect experienced biology teachers to read Genesis to their students?

Another Christian asshole (Scott Anderson) on the same school board said "If it came up, I would support it. I'm a Christian. I believe God created us. I'd like to see God back in school."

Kohls and Anderson, I would like to give you two tards a choice. You can be forced to wear a straitjacket in an insane asylum, or you can go to prison for treason. Most certainly you Christian scum don't belong on a school board because it's an insult to the students and teachers to have uneducated morons like you idiots making decisions about science curriculums.

Besides showing your disrespect for our constitution, you have the nerve to think biology teachers would actually cooperate with your childish idiotic idea to make them teach magic in a science classroom. If you tards had any sense of decency you would admit you're too bloody stupid to be on a school board and you would resign immediately.

Members of Idiot America's school boards are elected by idiot voters. There's got to be a better way to choose people who can control what is taught to America's students. Perhaps school board members should be chosen by the teachers, or perhaps school boards should not be able to make changes to public school science standards. The way it is now the Christian war against science education will never end.

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