Monday, October 24, 2011

Religion is brain damage.

PZ has recently been publishing some excellent posts. They are excellent because PZ didn't write them. The posts are being written by several people who explain why and how they were able to throw out their religious indoctrination. Eventually there will be more than 400 of these posts.

They are all here:

I wrote a comment at Why I am an atheist – Kristen G:

My new favorite quote: Religion is brain damage.

Thank you Ms. Kristen G.

From a previous comment: Parts of the US sound as backward as Somalia or Afghanistan.

All of Idiot America is infested with idiots, but in some states the religious insanity is completely out of control, including Florida where I live and the rest of the Deep South from the east coast to Texas.

Even up north there’s a never ending Christian war against science education. For example the Dover trial was in Pennsylvania.

Congratulations to Ms. Kristen for escaping this insane asylum.


There's a bit more people who visit PZ's blog than my blog. I have good reasons to believe PZ gets several dozen visitors a minute which is about what I get in one year.

By the way the world famous PZ actually wrote a comment at one of my off-topic posts. He wrote about my dream to be a better leech at How to be wealthy.

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