Sunday, December 12, 2010

god - the human race's oldest disease

The god fantasy is not just a useless invention. It's a terrible disease, a mental illness, and it's usually incurable. Symptoms include excessive stupidity, a strong tendency to be an asshole, an irrational fear of reality, and a strong desire to be an uneducated moron.

It's a disease that's infected the human race for thousands of years, and in the 21st century this mental illness has become out of control. The victims, easy to identify because they look like full-of-shit retards, are responsible for virtually all 21st century atrocities. All of these assholes do everything they can to infect their children with their exact same version of this disease.

The best known cure for the god disease is science education. The infected assholes know this. They like to be mentally disturbed and they want their children to be equally insane, so they attack science education and spread lies about science every chance they get.

The god morons teach their children to not bother trying to solve scientific problems, because it's so much easier to invoke a magic god fairy for every gap in human knowledge. As science chases their fairy out of its hiding places, the war against science and science education becomes more desperate, so the lying and the brainwashing becomes more intense.

Fighting back against this out of control disease are the uninfected normal people. They defend science education, try to improve science education, and in more advanced countries the normal healthy people are winning. In backward countries like the entire Middle East and Idiot America, the normal people are losing this war, as their infected populations become more and more insane and more dangerous.

There are countless versions of the god disease. Since god is just an invention, the imbeciles who believe in it make wild guesses about what's it's good for, what it does, and what it gives a shit about. Figuring out all this bullshit has become a major industry. Countless thousands of people depend on their god careers to make a living. It's in their best interest to prevent any cures. They want people to be sick in the head, because that's where their income comes from.

The god business would go extinct without intensive brainwashing of young victims. After many centuries of practice, the god assholes have become experts at the fine art of destroying minds.

Perhaps in addition to more and better science education, something should be done with the professional liars who keep the horrible god disease alive. I know exactly what should be done to the professional assholes for Jeebus, Mohammed, and Moses, but it would be inappropriate to explain it here.

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