Friday, December 17, 2010

This ridiculous fantasy is what makes terrorism possible.

Christian morons, how does this heaven business work? If I understand your cowardly belief correctly, your soul (whatever that is) magically flies up to the clouds (or who knows where) and then magically transforms itself into your disgusting dead body, except now you're alive again, living in some magical place infested with other Christian idiots like yourselves. Jeebus must be waving his magic wand like crazy to make this bullshit work.

And your magical selves live forever in this fantasy land, for trillions and trillions of years. Long after the entire universe goes extinct, you're still alive playing with your harp, bored out of your fucking mind.


  1. hmmmm, not quite how it works but then again you're not really interested in 'how it works' are you?

    Dear Human Ape,

    A couple of things that may help your quest. 1) The scientific theory/fact (whatever you want to call it - i make no claims on the phrase) of evolution is quite compatible with orthodox (in my case Roman Catholic) Christianity.

    2) the Philosophical theory of evolution (i.e. everything is matter, there is no God/gods/magical beings etc.) is not equivalent to the scientific theory/fact of evolution.

    Biology/science cannot (and shouldn't try because it's a waste of biology's time) to answer the question 'why is there something and not nothing?' Science is properly agnostic and in practice atheistic on this question and ought to be - as you have stated elsewhere filling in a 'god of the gaps' impedes scientific progress and discovery even for geniuses like Newton.

    Nothing about that pursuit negates the existence of God or gods. My experience of God is not in 'the gaps' but in the fullness of human life, in the unconditional love of my family and my interior experience of God's presence.

    The truth (from my point of view - Roman Catholic) is that in the beginning God created - but that is a spiritual/theological truth, not a scientific statement. I don't know how God went about developing/creating the universe. I don't know the process worked. As far as I know He set some things in motion and let them play out. The creation story of Adam and Eve is theological not scientific. My imagination is able to take that story and see God using existing matter (say an ape ancestor) and changing the circumstances by breathing God's life into Adam (spiritual life in other words - perhaps the fusing of those two chromosomes was how God differentiated Adam from previous generations of human/chimpanzee ancestor).

    My imagination can see how current scientific discovery can enhance and increase my understanding of 'creation' and God,informing the entire story of Fall/Redemption with greater detail and understanding. None of that changes the need to do science with an agnostic and in practice atheistic starting point.

    However, it's equally as foolish to opine on the existence of God by knocking down the straw man of the 'ignorant Christian' and those well meaning idiots at Answers in Genesis; and then, concluding, since the 'creationists' conflate scientific theory with Biblical theology, therefore by demolishing their 'scientific' work you also demolish the existence of God.

    I'm not sure what so-called 'Christians' did to you to make you hate them so much to result in the rather over the top rhetoric, name calling and moral equivalence between Christian fundies (well intentioned but wrong about the science) with Muslim fundies (ill-intentioned, implacable and murderous). Perhaps my comments will provide a starting point for a reasoned, mature debate rather than invective and hatred and we'll both come out the better for it.


    Christian Human Ape (we must be related!)

  2. "Perhaps my comments will provide a starting point for a reasoned, mature debate"

    Nice try retard. Go produce your fairy's magic wand for me. Until you're able to do that, I'm not interested in your childish fantasies.

  3. "My experience of God is not in 'the gaps' but in the fullness of human life,"

    Fuck off idiot. Your experience of the Magic Fairy? You might think you're better than the Bible thumpers, but you're still batshit crazy and a waste of my time.

  4. "Fall/Redemption"

    Holy shit. You ARE a Bible thumper.

    I repeat for the last time: fuck off retard.


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