Monday, December 27, 2010

Some interesting facts about La Porte City, Iowa

La Porte City in Iowa is a typical middle-of-nowhere small town in Idiot America. According to the census of year 2000 it has 2,275 residents including 2,256 white people and 3 black people. It's called a city because it's probably the biggest small town in the area. It has 10 churches, one monument to stupidity for every 227 residents. It is surrounded by farms growing corn on one of the most fertile lands of earth. If anyone is filthy rich, it's the hard working farmers who live nearby, thanks to the price of corn these days.

Ten churches in a small town is typical for Idiot America. I estimate the number of evolution deniers (also known as uneducated morons) in La Porte City is close to 100% of the population. What chance does a young person growing up there have to learn anything about reality? With more preachers than competent biology teachers, it would be virtually impossible to learn anything about science. Even if they had one good science teacher, the religious brainwashing would be complete before any students met that teacher. They wouldn't be able to understand anything.

I have frequently visited small towns and farms in Illinois, Iowa, and South Dakota thanks to the countless cousins I have who live there. The people are wonderful but they are thoroughly god-soaked. They happily live in their magical fantasy world, never knowing what they are or where they came from.

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