Sunday, October 16, 2011

Christian tards, just because you're too bloody stupid to understand a basic scientific fact doesn't mean there's some debate about it.

It makes no sense to have a debate about something when there's nothing to debate. For example, nobody would waste a minute of their time debating whether or not the earth is flat. The earth is not flat, period. There's nothing to debate.

Another example is evolution. No educated person thinks there's some debate about the basic facts of evolutionary biology. All species share a common ancestor. Evolution by natural selection is how the world works. Nobody should waste their time debating the truth of evolution because that would be equivalent to debating a flat-earther. A flat-earther is an insane uneducated moron, and an evolution denier is equally insane and equally stupid. It would defy all common sense to pretend these idiots have something to debate.

The next time a Christian asshole says there's some debate about evolution, as in whether or not it's true, the correct response would be the title of this post.

After explaining to Christians why I don't debate fucking idiots, I suggest they stop being lazy cowards, grow up, and educate themselves. I tell them to study all the evidence until they understand it. I tell the tards to get back to me in a century because that's how much evidence there is to study. I also explain that the evidence for evolution is growing so rapidly they will never finish studying it no matter how long they live. If they have the nerve to ask for my help I tell them to grow up. If they need somebody to hold their hand to be able to understand simple facts, they will never be able to learn anything.

If you're a Christian tard or a Muslim terrorist study this you fucking idiot:

evidence for evolution, 81 posts


One more thing Christian assholes.

Don't ever tell me I should be civil. You dirt bags spread lies about science, you brainwash small children, you threaten biology teachers, and you insult the world's biologists every time you suggest there's a problem with the strongest basic fact of science.

I give you subhumans all the respect an asshole deserves.

So take your "be civil" and shove it you worthless stupid piece of shit.


  1. Dunno if you're aware of this one, but it's a great parody site that mirrors many of the "arguments" put forth by IDers/creatationists:

    (I wonder how many jeebus fans might take it seriously. Really.)

  2. The website needs a wimpy atheist to tell the gravity deniers it's OK to accept theistic gravity.


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