Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A paragraph from Why Evolution is True with my comments.

In 2009 Jerry Coyne (University of Chicago biologist) published a book called Why Evolution is True. If you haven't already purchased this book and read the whole thing there's something seriously wrong with you.

In this blog there are several quotes from Why Evolution is True. Please click the Jerry Coyne label if you're interested. In this post there is one paragraph from the Introduction, page xvii, with my comments which are in italics. The sentences from the book are in bold.


Evolution is as solidly established as any scientific fact (it is, as we will learn, more than "just a theory), and scientists need no more convincing.

No shit.

But things are different outside scientific circles.

He meant "But things are different inside god-fairy cults."

To many, evolution gnaws at their sense of self. If evolution offers a lesson, it seems to be that we're not only related to other creatures but, like them, are also the product of blind and impersonal evolutionary forces.

This is reality which is a wonderful thing.

If humans are just one of many outcomes of natural selection, maybe we aren't so special after all.

We are not special and as soon as Christian assholes realize this basic fact of nature then perhaps they will learn how to respect our planet and endangered species.

You can understand why this doesn't sit well with many people who think that we came into being differently from other species, as the special goal of divine intention.

Part of the divine intention is the cowardly idiotic heaven fantasy, and this is why Christian retards are terrified of evolutionary biology. This is why cowardly Christian assholes threaten biology teachers. This is why the Christian war against science education will never end until the Jeebus Death Cult is eradicated.

Does our existence have any purpose or meaning that distinguishes us from other creatures?

Normal people (AKA atheists) can figure out what purpose their lives should have. Superstitious Christian morons get the purpose for their existence from their magic fairy.

Evolution is also thought to erode morality.

What erodes morality is the Christian Death Cult. I never met a Christian who wasn't morally corrupt.

If, after all, we are simply beasts, then why not behave like beasts?

Because we have a large brain which Christians tards will never learn how to use.

What can keep us moral if we're nothing more than monkeys with big brains?

Common sense. Of course Christian assholes don't have any common sense. That's why they still praise their dead Jeebus.

No other scientific theory produces such angst, or such psychological resistance.

Evolutionary biology is only a problem for uneducated morons who are stupid enough, gullible enough, and cowardly enough to prefer magical creation instead of reality.


Hello Christian scum. Did you notice I don't have a very high opinion of you subhumans? Did you notice I've been trying to convince your children you're idiots?

I'm not the only person who ridicules you Christian assholes, and the ridicule will never end until you tards throw out your dead Jeebus. You're equal to terrorists and you have my complete contempt. Grow up or get out of my country.

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