Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Why does opposition to the very successful science of modern biology have to be part of today's definition of a conservative?"

The question in the title of this post came from What is it with Republicans and Creationism?

The website is 3 years old but it could be about today's Republican candidates for USA president. Most of them are evolution deniers who are in favor of dumbing down America's science education to accommodate their dead Jeebus. In other words, these Republicans who want to be president belong in prison for treason. Most certainly they're too bloody stupid to have any job in government or anywhere else, except perhaps cleaning toilets, but I wouldn't hire them even for that because they would drool on everything.

So as usual the choice for American conservatives is to vote for liberals or vote for the most retarded people in human history.

There's something very wrong here and that something is the Christian Death Cult which has been successfully destroying this country. Christianity is a disease, harmful to its victims and harmful to everyone else. The Jeebus cult must be eradicated for the same reason terrorism must be eradicated.

Anyone who sucks up to Christian assholes has my contempt because they are sucking up to scum who are no better than suicide bombers.

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