Friday, June 10, 2011

Can you be a good scientist and believe in a magic god fairy?

These questions mean the same thing:

Can you be a good scientist and disgrace your profession?

Can you be a good scientist and be a superstitious idiot?

Can you be a good scientist and be a member of an anti-science cult?

Can you be a good scientist and be partly responsible for the world's out of control religious violence, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

If you believe in a magic god fairy you share an idiotic childish fantasy with assholes who attack science education, who brainwash their children, and who wear suicide belts. You may have made some important scientific discoveries but you're part of the problem. You should be ashamed of yourself.


  1. I have just checked this book out of my local library:

    The Language of Science and Faith

    by Karl W. Giberson & Francis S. Collins

    Chapter 4 is titled "Can Scientific and Scriptural Truth Be Reconciled?"

    I hope to write a review, but I may link back to this post instead. :-p

  2. I have an extremely low opinion of the wacko Francis S. Collins. He disgraces his profession more than any other religious scientist.

    Please feel free to provide a link to your book review here, if and when you get to it.

  3. From an Amazon customer review of the book: "how to understand evolution as the way that God created life."

    There's nothing more disgusting than sticking a magic god fairy into science. There's no idea more childish and idiotic than pretending a magic man had anything to do with the development of life, whether or not it used natural processes.

  4. God invented millions of species then screwed them over by changing their environment so he could start over with a whole new batch of species he could screw over. Whattaguy


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