Monday, December 27, 2010

If you're a Christian, you think you're moderate, and you think you accept evolution, you're still a cowardly superstitious idiot.

I left the following comment at a website that asked the stupid question Why do some creationists claim that evolution is a religion? (It's because they're retarded assholes.)

Mr. Bell wrote “I am a christian, born and raised, but I do believe in evolution. Please don’t make sweeping over generalizations about religious people. Most of us are intelligent.

If you’re intelligent then why do you live in the Christian fantasy world? And why do you say you “believe” in evolution? Since when did basic scientific facts become beliefs?

Most likely you stick your magic god fairy into evolution somewhere, either to invent, use, or guide evolution. That’s not accepting evolution. It’s polluting it with magic. If you really accepted evolution as the purely natural process it is, then you couldn’t possibly be a Christian because evolution makes your magic god fairy and your worthless dead Jeebus unnecessary.

By the way, you should have written “I am a Christian, born and brainwashed.”

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