Monday, March 21, 2011

Christian assholes in Tennessee want to throw out our constitution so they can pollute science education with their Jeebus bullshit.

I wrote five comments at HB 368's purpose is to advance creationism.


"The bill is for people who do not believe in separation of church and state."

The theocrats who attack science education to defend their dead Jeebus want to throw out the Establishment Clause of our constitution. They are traitors and they should get out of my country.

Science deniers are terrified of evolutionary biology because this branch of science threatens their idiotic Christian death cult. So they attack biology education for their own children and everyone else's children. These uneducated morons have no right to tell biology teachers how to do their jobs. Christian idiots need to learn how to shut up about what they know nothing about. If they can't shut up they need to be ridiculed and publicly humiliated because that's what these subhumans deserve.

There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."
-- Isaac Asimov


From a previous comment: "Nowhere in the constitution does it say separation of church and state."

Our 3rd president and the author of the Declaration of Independence coined the words "
separation of church and state". He was talking about the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Since then everyone knows "separation of church and state" is the idea behind the Establishment Clause. Everyone except you but now you know it. If you can't respect the Establishment Clause of our constitution then you're a traitor and you need to get out of my country.

The breathtaking stupidity of Christians is beyond amazing. They can't understand simple scientific concepts like Natural Selection. They can't even understand the most simple concept of our Bill of Rights. I guess that's why they belong to the Christian Death Cult which is an organization of uneducated morons.


The same uneducated dope who is unable to understand our Bill of Rights wrote "They are simply both THEORIES, and one is not any more provable than the other."

Your childish idiotic magical creationism (a Dark Ages idea) is not a scientific theory. Your magic isn't even a scientific hypothesis. It's a religious myth for Bible thumpers and Muslim terrorists. You can't force competent biology teachers to teach your magic because they would rather quit their jobs than lie to their students. You Liars-For-Jeebus are going to have to do your own lying. You can't expect science teachers to mentally abuse children with your Jeebus fantasies.

You know nothing about our Bill of Rights and you know nothing about science. You don't even know what a scientific theory is. Even worse you want students to be as stupid as you are. Read this definition of theory as the word is used by scientists then learn how to shut up about things you know nothing about.

In science, a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses. The contention that evolution should be taught as a "theory, not as a fact" confuses the common use of these words with the scientific use. In science, theories do not turn into facts through the accumulation of evidence. Rather, theories are the end points of science. They are understandings that develop from extensive observation, experimentation, and creative reflection. They incorporate a large body of scientific facts, laws, tested hypotheses, and logical inferences. In this sense, evolution is one of the strongest and most useful scientific theories we have.
-- National Academy of Sciences

By the way evolution is a basic scientific fact. For example our evolutionary relationship with the other Great Apes has been repeatedly been proven beyond any doubt thanks to extremely powerful evidence from molecular biology and genetics.


billhamblin, who continues to prove Christians are uneducated morons, wrote "Get out of your country? Why don't you get out of my country. You know, the one where you have freedom of choice? Why don't you move to China, or some other godless country, where only your ilk can be heard."

You sir, are the traitor who can't respect our constitution. I didn't serve in the United States Army so cowardly Christians like you can throw out our Bill of Rights to defend their dead Jeebus.

It's interesting that you share your childish belief in magical creationism with Muslim terrorists. You also have the cowardly belief in heaven which makes terrorism possible. You indirectly support terrorism and you want to destroy my country's science education to give equal time for your Christian fantasies. You are an enemy of America and you have my total contempt. Theocrats like you are being watched and you will never be allowed to get away with anything.

Grow up or shut up.


Dishonest cowardly Christian theocrats keep trying to disguise their childish belief in magical creationism so they can sneak their fantasies into America's science classrooms. Despite all the code words they use, including "critical analysis of scientific theories", "creation science", "strengths and weaknesses", and "intelligent design", it's still magical creationism, it's still nonsense, and it's not science. Magic, no matter what code words for magic are used, is nothing more than a religious fantasy for terrorists and Christian subhumans.

These words were written by a famous paleontologist back when Christians dishonestly called their supernatural magic "
creation science".

Creation science has not entered the curriculum for a reason so simple and so basic that we often forget to mention it: because it is false, and because good teachers understand exactly why it is false. What could be more destructive of that most fragile yet most precious commodity in our entire intellectual heritage -- good teaching -- than a bill forcing honorable teachers to sully their sacred trust by granting equal treatment to a doctrine not only known to be false, but calculated to undermine any general understanding of science as an enterprise?"
-- Stephen Jay Gould


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