Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The other fantasies of theism

In my previous post (Atheism is reality. Theism is fantasy.) I explained why god is bullshit. In this post I will write about some of the other insane fantasies of theism.

I know a little bit about Judaism and Islam. I know a lot about Christianity because I used to be a Catholic (not my fault, I was a victim of religious brainwashing and I threw the whole thing out at age 18). I know nothing about the other religions except that they are all most certainly bullshit. I mean how much does a person have to know about bullshit to know it's bullshit?

All I have to say about Judaism is Jews are assholes. What else could I call people who pretend they are their magic fairy's chosen human apes? Jews are definitely assholes, as are people who call themselves Jewish atheists (the word atheist doesn't need any adjectives). And their religion is just as idiotic as Islam and Christianity.

The Bible was written by the Hebrew people, who strangely turned out to be the Chosen People. I ask you what were the odds?

All I have to say about Islam is the world's Muslims need to be eradicated. Why should these subhumans be tolerated after the 9/11/2001 atrocities? Even Muslims who are not terrorists have to admit they belong to a terrorist organization (Islam). If they can't grow up and throw out their death cult then they need to get off my planet. I'm going to stop here because it just makes me mad that Muslim scum are still allowed to exist.

I know quite a bit about the various branches of Christianity so I will write about some of their childish idiotic fantasies.

There are of course the evolution deniers (Muslim scum have the same problem). Actually all Christians are evolution deniers because even if they don't deny the whole thing they still call themselves theistic evolutionists. Theistic evolutionists are evolution deniers because there's nothing theistic about any branch of science. Science does not need the dead Jeebus.

All I have to say about evolution deniers is they're uneducated morons. How hard is it to google "evidence evolution"? How hard is it to read the 85 posts this blog has about the evidence for evolution? How hard is it to read a book? These idiots and airheads don't know anything about what they're denying. Their existence is an insult to the world's scientists. What really bugs me is these science deniers have made my country (the United States of Jeebus) an international laughing stock. It's for a good reason we are called Idiot America.

The Christian and Muslim fantasy that replaces the science of evolution is called magical Bible creationism, or magical Qur'an creationism, or when they want to sneak their dead Jeebus into public schools they call it magical intelligent design creationism, as it renaming Genesis to Design makes it less childish.

How stupid does a person have to be to throw out virtually all of science to believe in magical creationism? It's fair to say they have less intelligence than dogs.

The most important Christian fantasy is the resurrection of the dead Jeebus into a zombie. Sorry Christian tards but zombies are not real. Despite the obvious stupidity of this disgusting belief, Christians have to believe in it to be able to call themselves Christians. Every branch of the Christian death cult completely depends on the most ridiculous religious idea ever invented. It's fair to say Christianity is doomed, unless of course human apes evolve to be even more retarded than they already are.

There is one fantasy that makes all religions possible and that is the cowardly idea that there's a 2nd life for human apes after they drop dead. Without this pathetic wishful thinking all preachers, priests, rabbis, and clerics would have to get real jobs. I already wrote 48 posts about this childish insanity at http://darwinkilledgod.blogspot.com/search/label/heaven.

Most theists belong to a religion and this is more evidence for the idea that people who believe in a god fairy with unlimited magical powers are just plain stupid.

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