Sunday, June 10, 2012

A list of stuff that's important to the owner of this blog.

This list includes some of the scientific ideas I accept as fact, and some other stuff that's important to me.

People evolved from ancient apes and a god's magic wand had nothing to do with it. We are one of the Great Ape species as are chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans. We share an ancestor with all other species. We are distant cousins of snakes, cockroaches, bananas, and bacteria. Only uneducated morons deny these basic facts of science.

Young children have the right to know what they are and where they came from, so evolution should be taught starting in First Grade (age 6). If America's Christian scum have a problem with that they can go fuck themselves.

Scientists have repeatedly shown supernatural magic is not and was not necessary for anything, therefore all gods are fantasies. Even without the science the magical god idea would be ridiculous.

I'm an economic conservative. Capitalism works best when government gets out of the way. Government should not regulate it (except to prevent the destruction of the environment and endangered species), and government should tax it as little as possible. Every dollar wasted on government is a dollar that can't be spent to improve a business and hire new employees. Real jobs that last come from the private sector, not the government.

Liberals have some good ideas (environmentalism, respect for women's rights) but for the same reason creationists are unable to understand natural selection, liberals are not able to understand how capitalism works. Both creationists and liberals are wackos. They are equally worthless.

President Obama is brilliant but he's a liberal, therefore he's not qualified to lead a capitalist country like America. His idea to increase taxes for wealthy people equals punishing success. We are not going to improve our unemployment problem by punishing the people who do most of the hiring in this country. We are not going to encourage business owners to add employees if their taxes are raised or if regulation is out of control. Also, Obama has a lot of nerve if he thinks he can force healthy people to buy what they don't want and don't need (health insurance). Government works for us, they have no right to tell us what to do. I'm voting for Romney in 2012.

Unlike many Republicans who disgrace America, I'm for a complete separation of church and state, absolutely no exceptions. I also want government to learn how to mind its own business, which means staying out of our private lives.

America's worst problem is we have an epidemic of religious insanity. Normal people, also known as atheists, should do everything possible to eradicate religions from this country. The time for respecting a person's religious beliefs is over with. Christians, Muslims, Jews, they're all part of the problem and they  should be ashamed of themselves. Americans need to grow up and throw out their Dark Ages fantasies.

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