Monday, July 18, 2011

90% of Americans are idiots. 10% of Americans are normal. 81% of Americans are cowards.

From a 2007 Gallup poll: 9o% of Americans believe in God or a universal spirit, while 10% are firm in their belief that there is no God. 81% of Americans believe in heaven.

I don't much care for the Gallup poll's definition of normal people ("firm in their belief that there is no god.") because I wouldn't call not believing in bullshit a belief.

The results from this Gallup poll are disgraceful. The poll shows that the vast majority of Americans are cowardly gullible imbeciles.

The Gallup poll also shows that about 75% of Americans are extremely deranged because they also believe in bullshit like angels, devils, and hell. It's fair to say the United States of Jeebus is the world's largest insane asylum.

Another Gallup poll shows that 84% of Americans are uneducated morons because they either completely deny the facts of evolution or they pollute evolutionary biology with supernatural bullshit.

If you believe in a magical heaven you should consider the advantages of growing up. You should consider the advantages of not being a coward. You should ask yourself why are you being so gullible. You should try to understand why wishful thinking will never make your ridiculous impossible life-after-death happen.

Most important of all, if you believe in heaven you should realize you're no less insane than the suicide bombers who have the exact same cowardly fantasy you have. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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