Saturday, July 23, 2011

All Christians are cowardly idiots. Here's a good example.

The Christian tard wrote some comments at this anti-reality Christian blog.

His name is Drew Hall. He is just one of the millions of Christian assholes who infest Idiot America. See the Christian website for the comments he wrote. Here's two examples with my reply.

Drew Hall wrote "I have faith that I will enter heaven at last not because I really want it to be true but because Christ has proven by his testimony, actions and words that he was who he said he was."

Mr. Hall, I have faith that you will forever be a cowardly idiot, willing to believe any childish nonsense if it makes you feel good.

Drew Hall wrote "I'm the proud father of four young 'deluded' children who know that God made all things in the space of 6 days and all very good."

Congratulations Mr. Hall. Your children are uneducated morons just like yourself. You must be proud.


  1. Were you ever a Christian or believer in any religious faith before you became an atheist?

  2. I was a Catholic until age 18 (44 years ago).

    Please see A lifetime spent believing in bullshit is a wasted life for more information.


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