Sunday, July 10, 2011

Evolution deniers are willfully ignorant because they have no desire to study something that threatens their magical heaven fantasy.

The basic facts of evolutionary biology threaten every religious fantasy ever invented, including heaven and including the magic god fairy who sends dead people there. The evolution deniers who refuse to study evolution and who do everything possible to prevent the teaching of evolution to everyone else, especially their own children, understand the religious implications of modern biology. They know if people are just one of the modern ape species, they would have to admit their Christian death cult is bullshit. The Muslim terrorists have the same problem. They're all terrified of evolution because it means when they drop dead they stay dead, just like every other animal species.

These drooling morons are so mentally unstable they would become even more insane if they realized the truth of their very close evolutionary relationship with chimpanzee apes. If they realized they are just animals and therefore their one pathetic life is all they have, they would become screaming lunatics. So of course they won't go anywhere near a book about biology, and to protect their brainwashed children from reality they will do whatever is necessary, even threaten biology teachers.

The only solution is to wait for the superstitious idiots to drop dead, and also greatly improve science education, which means firing 72% of America's biology teachers (the Christian retards) and replacing them with normal teachers, also known as atheists. Christians should not be allowed to teach science because their death cult is an anti-science religion.

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