Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why do wimpy liberals love the word Islamophobia? It's because they're fucking idiots.

Islamophobia, as if there's something wrong with not being in love with deranged assholes who cut off people's heads and fly airplanes into buildings.

America's liberal scum for some reason I will never understand are in love with Muslim scum. Perhaps it's because liberals and Muslims are equally stupid.

At least one liberal crybaby I know has a low opinion of the British atheist Pat Condell. Why? Because Pat Condell is not politically correct according to liberal fucktards.

For countless reasons I have extreme contempt for American liberals. It's impossible to be more fucking retarded than a liberal. Even Bible thumpers and terrorists have more intelligence than liberal assholes.

Please see this video from Mr. Condell. Also please see Why do American liberals suck up to Muslim scum?

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