Monday, February 21, 2011

Our daily journey with God.

It’s not surprising that the more scientists study what can’t be seen by the human eye, the more they see the fingerprints of God (Colossians 1:15).

Woven into every strand of DNA is the divine work of Jesus, the One who “holds all creation together” (Colossians 1:17).

It's not possible to be more god-soaked than these gullible retards. It's interesting that they use the science that has killed their death cult to support their magic-god-fairy-did-it bullshit. Of course they lie about scientists (as if scientists spend their careers looking for the fingerprints of Jeebus). Of course they invoke one of the assholes of the Christian Creationist Discovery Institute. I wrote a comment for these subhumans which is equivalent to trying to teach a dog how to play chess.

The comment I wrote for the Bible thumpers:


When Dr. Stephen Meyer invokes an “intelligent source” he is invoking supernatural magic. Real scientists don’t invoke magic to solve scientific problems.

You belong to an anti-science religion. How much longer do you think that’s going to last in a world of never ending scientific discoveries?


I've been getting several visitors from Our daily journey with God. I welcome you to my blog.

I wrote another comment at Our daily journey with God:


I’m very sorry to disappoint you but that’s a myth. Please use google to look it up.

Truthfully, it is a pre-occupation of man with himself that cannot let go of the Darwin theory.

Again I’m sorry to disappoint you but the reason biologists don’t throw out evolution is because the evidence which has been accumulating for 152 years is now more powerful than ever and growing faster than ever. Perhaps if Christians spent some time studying evolution instead of lying about it, they might learn something.


I wrote two more comments at the Jeebus website:


Daren, I’m sorry but if a religion denies evolution, which is the foundation of biology, that religion is extremely anti-science.

You might be interested to know that it’s partly thanks to knowledge of evolution that makes medical research possible. You are denying the science that may save your life some day.

I suppose your Jesus is a nice hobby but I’m not interested in giving my life to anyone or anything. Freedom is a wonderful thing and I plan to continue to be free instead of being a slave for an imaginary god.

You Christians don’t know what you’re missing. The history of life as explained by science is many thousands of times more interesting than the gibberish in Genesis.

I will try to not bother you nice people again. Thanks for letting me publish comments here.


OK, one more time then I got other things to do today.

GrowinginChrist wrote “Man was created in the image of God. We did not evolve from apes. If we were, why aren’t we still evolving into something else?

Sorry but you got that backwards. God was created in the image of man.

We most certainly did evolve from ancient (and now extinct) apes. That’s a basic scientific fact supported by massive powerful evidence from several branches of science. It’s virtually impossible to find any biologist outside of a Bible college who denies this most important fact of science. Also, we are still apes. Humans are one of the modern ape species as are chimps, gorillas, and orangutans.

Natural selection works when there’s a lot of dying because creatures who don’t have what it takes to survive long enough in a changing environment to reproduce do not pass on their inferior genes to the next generation. In the 21st century thanks to scientific progress virtually everyone lives until they’re very old. It’s not like six million years ago when there were plenty of opportunities for natural selection to do its thing. It was thanks to natural selection the brain size of our ancestors very gradually became larger. It was thanks to natural selection our ancestors gradually became better at walking upright, which made running to successfully hunt possible. Our ancestors who were able to score a meal were able to pass their genes on to the next generation. That’s natural selection. It’s also called reality.

For more information google “evidence evolution” or ask me anything at


(As if a Christian would study science and make Jeebus cry.)


I ain't going back there to write any more comments but I did go there to see if anyone tried growing up. I found this comment from cricket41 who wrote "WE were created in the image of GOD, and that includes you."

Mr. or Ms. cricket41, you got any evidence for that idea? Did you or anyone else see this god creature and did it look like a modern human ape?

It's very sad there's several million Americans who have absolutely no interest in learning anything. They have their childish superstitions and that's all they need.

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