Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Christians are not just dumber than dogs. They're batshit crazy. Way beyond insane. Their Christian death cult is a severe incurable mental illness.

This drooling moron, this batshit crazy stupid asshole for Jeebus, believes dinosaurs lived with people. That idea is way beyond insane.

I wrote this comment for the subhuman. Of course the fucking idiot won't understand it.

Human Ape said...

"Now that you've equated being uneducated with insanity, you're off to a great start."

Not just uneducated. Not just bloody stupid, more stupid than I used to imagine possible. Anyone who thinks people lived with T-Rex is batshit crazy and shouldn't be allowed near children.

Grow up mister. T-Rex could bite your head off as easy as you can bite into a candy bar. Besides the ridiculousness of your people with dinosaurs idea, it's just bloody impossible and if you didn't have the incurable mental illness called Christianity you would know how idiotic it is to be wrong by 65 million years. It's like you believe new york city is 100 yards from los angelos.

You disgust me. You're so bloody brain-dead you disgrace the human race.

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  1. The xians have got into bed with dinosaurs to make the show appealing for the kiddies. Kiddies love the dinosaurs and the fact they can't be seen gives the unseen god thing some potential credibility, don't you think?


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