Sunday, February 20, 2011

Christian retards can be very entertaining. Their burning stupidity is so pathetic it's interesting to watch.

This idiot is so batshit crazy I almost feel sorry for him.

This is most definitely a time to know the written word & press into Christ. We need a strong relationship now as much as ever. We must remember that it is those who endure to the end that make it. We do NOT want to come up short. Since we do not know when Jesus will appear/return we must be ready for anything that satan throws at us. We need relationship, not rapture.

If we are concentrating on walking with & pleasing Him we will be kept safe, even if we must, like Paul, die. Paul told Timothy that Father would usher him into His heavenly kingdom. Paul got there by death. Death is a change of address for us & is nothing to be feared. Jesus is alive!

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  1. I read the whole thing. Now I need to wash my eyes out with soap. What incoherent babbling except where they talk about plotting to take over the world with more than "marketplace" prosletyzing. *shudders*


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