Sunday, February 13, 2011

Can a normal person (AKA atheist) be elected President of the United States of Jeebus? Yes, but only if he or she pretended to be a god-soaked idiot.

I already wrote about a more civilized country, Australia, who has an atheist prime minister.

Unfortunately here in Idiot America a normal person has no chance of being elected president even though there's one normal person in Congress.

However it is possible for an atheist (also known as a person who isn't insane) to be elected president of Idiot America if he or she is willing to pretend to be a gullible moron.

In my opinion President Obama is an expert at being dishonest if that's what it takes to be the leader of hick-infested America. Perhaps this is just wishful thinking but I think President Obama is normal -- he doesn't believe in god fairies.

To my surprise the brilliant author of Why Evolution is True has the same idea here and here.


  1. Hi from Australia. Our very atheist Prime Minister as starting to pander to the gawd botherer's to try obtain a portion of the conservative vote. She, her party and her government refuse to consider gay marriage, they have expanded the High Schools Chaplaincy Program, which is a cheap and nasty way of getting un-trained councilors into schools in the hope of averting youth suicide and will not consider reconsidering the tax exempt status of just about anything that calls itself 'religious'. I'm very disappointed with the PM.

  2. Perhaps she's not perfect but America would be lucky to have her run our country. I love her accent by the way. I love Australia.


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