Friday, August 11, 2017

He's talking to George Washington, our first president.

I'm reading a book about America's first president, "His Excellency" by Joseph J. Ellis.

This comic strip is of course about our current president. He's a big fan of tweets which he uses to threaten bad guys like the dictator of North Korea.

In every state whoever gets the most votes gets all the electoral college votes. Then whoever wins the most electoral votes wins the election even if the opponent got the most votes. This is how Mr. Trump got the job. It was a big surprise. Almost everyone expected Mrs. Clinton would win easily.

President Trump is not too popular these days. There seems to be a war against him. Trump has a "celebrity clown" reputation. However we are stuck with him. In my opinion it would be in our country's best interest if he is successful. We will see what happens.

I wrote very many posts about President Trump. See this link if you're interested:

In this comic strip look for the rabbit, the pie, the eye, and the dynamite.

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