Sunday, August 6, 2017

What I wrote for a Christian creationist asshole will probably be vaporized so I put it here.

What part of "I don't explain science to a know-nothing science denier for the same reason I don't teach dogs how to play chess." don't you understand?
Did you read Why Evolution Is True by Jerry Coyne? No, of course not. Anything written by a real biologist makes you science deniers cry.
"evolutionism" Only a science denier would call evolution "evolutionism". Evolution is called "evolution" and it's been accepted by biologists as fact for more than a century.
I'm 68. I was studying evolution before you were born. You don't know what you're talking about. Nobody cares. Your wasted life is your problem. You will never know what you are and how you got here. For the rest of your pathetic life you will forever live in your childish everything-is-magic fantasy world.
"Duh, duh, the Magic Man did it. Duh."
Science hard. Hurts brain.
God easy. No think.
You are equal to a dog except the dog doesn't go out of it's way to repeatedly make a fool out of himself.
"other information exists that blows evolutionism out of the water."
According to your favorite liar for the Magic Jeebus Man. You are so hopelessly pathetic.
"dear BobC" Dear? Interesting. You're effeminate. I'm not surprised.
Don't read this because it will make you cry:

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