Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The stupid. It burns.

"It's mentioned in the Quran that the moon was split into two. As the Quran is perfect and infallible, then Muslims must believe that the moon was indeed split into two and put back together again."

I have asked numerous Muslims (at Yahoo Answers) if they believe Allah split our moon in half and then put it back together. They all believe it and they all said it's a required belief.

Did the moon split in half? Of course not. Only a Muslim moron would buy this bullshit.

A scientist wrote "Peer-reviewed papers are the only scientifically valid sources of information out there. No current scientific evidence reports that the Moon was split into two (or more) parts and then reassembled at any point in the past."

Any child could figure it out. The most important fantasy of Islam is 100% pure bullshit.

Also interesting: Muslim scum believe Allah magically created the our moon. They also believe the human race was magically created out of nothing (a fantasy they share with millions of Christian fucktards).

Apparently Muslims think it's a good idea to throw out all of science, all of reality, and all common sense.

The stupid. It burns.
Do Christian morons believe the decomposing corpse of the Magic Jeebus Man magically became a zombie (aka "rose from the dead")?

Yes. All Christians believe the entire bullshit story. It's a required fantasy. Throwing out the magical resurrection of the Magic Jeebus Man requires throwing out all of Christianity. Without this moronic fantasy Christians agree Christianity would have to be totally wrong. Their solution is to believe the bullshit even though it's ridiculous and totally impossible, not to mention disgusting. Imagine the smell.

The stupid. It burns.
Why do Muslims and Christians believe in bullshit? There can be only one possible explanation. Muslim scum and Christian scum are just plain fucking stupid.

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