Monday, August 7, 2017

Virtually all of Idiot America is god-soaked.

According to a 2016 Gallup poll 89% of American fucktards have a childish belief in the Magic Man. This is disgraceful but it used to be much worse.

As recently as 1994 94% of American morons thought the Magic Man was real. The USA is called Idiot America because this country is infested with millions of idiots.

The god disease is difficult to cure because the brainwashing of children is intense and getting worse. This is child abuse. The child abusers belong in prison.

Another problem with Idiot America is our science education which mostly totally sucks. Most of our biology teachers are incompetent but they never get fired. Students learn how to hate science because thanks to their moron teachers they think science is boring.

Another Gallup poll has worse news:

"Only 3% of Americans can be considered to be hard-core atheists, convinced that God does not exist. Another 4% are agnostics of a sort, leaning toward a belief that God does not exist, but not sure that this is the case beyond a doubt."

This means 97% of Americans are fucking idiots.

The agnostics can't make a decision.

"Is the Magic Man real?"

Agnostic: "Duh, duh, I don't know, duh."

The stupid. It burns.

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