Monday, July 16, 2012

These three cults must be eradicated. Christianity (the magic Jeebus man died for your sins). Islam (the world's largest terrorist organization). Judaism (the magic fairy's chosen assholes).

What would the world be like without religious insanity?

There would be much less violence, less stupidity, and less child abuse (also known as religious indoctrination).

Without anti-science religions (they're all anti-science unless you think magic is scientific) there would be unlimited human progress.

Are religions good for anything? No, unless you think preachers, clerics, and rabbis (also known as worthless stupid assholes) shouldn't have to get real jobs.

Most definitely all religions must be completely eradicated. When there's almost no religious morons left, the few who still want to live in the Dark Ages can be thrown into insane asylums where they belong.

Since I live in the United States of Jeebus, I'm mostly focused on eliminating Christianity which is the greatest threat to America's progress. We have an out-of-control never-ending Christian war against science and science education. The only way to end their war against human progress is the complete eradication of the Christian death cult. Every branch of the Jeebus religion must be thrown out.

What must be attacked is the religious indoctrination which is the only reason religions didn't go extinct a long time ago. Who would believe the disgusting idiotic bullshit if not for the brainwashing of innocent children? Christians need to know they're child abusers and there's no excuse for it.

Competent evolution education must be mandatory for all children starting at age six in First Grade. This will help them learn how to not trust their religious brainwashers, also known as their own parents and their worthless preacher man.

Please see If Genesis is bullshit then the entire Bible is bullshit. If the entire Bible is bullshit, then every branch of the Christian death cult is bullshit. If Christianity is bullshit, then the world's gullible Christians need to grow up and throw it out.

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