Friday, January 25, 2013

Most American biology teachers are incompetent stupid assholes. They should be fired immediately because it's not fair to students to get stuck with an idiot teacher.

Evolution is what makes biology interesting and exciting. Evolution makes students love science instead of being bored by it. Evolution (the foundation of biology) should be a major part of every single biology lesson. But in Idiot America our biology teachers usually don't teach evolution at all. Why aren't these idiot teachers being fired? Because the idiot students never complain. Americans are fucking idiots.

Most of America's biology teachers need to be thrown out the window. A good place to start would be to immediately fire all Christian teachers. Christians are not qualified to teach science because they are just plain stupid.

There's another reason why evolution should be taught. Besides making students love science, after they understand how evolution works they eventually figure out the magic god fairy they were brainwashed to worship doesn't exist. It doesn't exist because it's unnecessary and because it's a childish idiotic Dark Ages fantasy.

Is America better off if the citizens are educated or is America better off if most of the population are uneducated morons who praise the magic jeebus man?

Teach science properly and teach it (especially evolution) starting at a very young age, and we will eventually rid ourselves of the disgusting christian death cult which is good for nothing but making people become idiots.

Approximately 20% of students are taught neither creationism nor evolution in their high school biology courses (Moore, 2007). Another “cautious 60%” of biology teachers want to avoid controversy, and neither advocate evolution nor explicitly endorse nonscientific alternatives (Berkman and Plutzer, 2011). Even when teachers do teach evolution, they often cover the topic in a trivial or disparaging way (Bandoli, 2008, and references therein), thereby perpetuating a cycle of ignorance reinforced by popular opinion (Berkman and Plutzer, 2011). When these students arrive on college campuses, they are predisposed to remain skeptical of evolution, for their perceptions and prior knowledge strongly influence their learning. This is especially important for evolution, for many students view evolution as negative and undesirable (Brem, Ranney, and Schindel, 2003) and sense an “overlap of some ideas that the theory [of evolution] advocates with other social, epistemological, and religious beliefs” (Hakoyem and BouJaode, 2008).

Evolution and Creationism in America’s Biology Classrooms

Fortunately some American biology teachers are extremely competent. Unfortunately they still have to deal with harassment and threats from Christian scum. These cowardly Christian assholes harassed, threatened, and yelled at an elderly female biology teacher.

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