Sunday, January 6, 2013

In some Muslim-majority countries, such as Pakistan, many teachers tell students to disregard the evolution unit entirely because the theory is incorrect.

The title of this post comes from Evolution Abroad: Creationism Evolves in Science Classrooms around the Globe which I recommend you read. The article talks about the need to start teaching evolution at a very young age and to make evolution the central part of biology curriculums (instead of making evolution a separate topic). It is a rare American biology teacher who knows how to properly teach evolution which is to make evolution a major part of every single lesson. It's more likely a student will get stuck with a know-nothing teacher or even worse a Christian retard who illegally teaches magical creationism and gets away with it because nobody cares.

Of course the problem is religion. Every country infested with religious assholes has a religious war against science education. The students of these backward countries (including Idiot America) are being cheated. Throw out the world's religious insanity problem and there would be no more attacks against the teaching of biology.

Teaching evolution is banned in some Muslim counties. In other Muslim countries incompetent allah-soaked biology teachers ignore evolution.

America has the exact same problem. A large percentage of our public school biology teachers should be fired immediately for incompetence or for being cowards when Christian assholes harass them. Of course our idiot biology teachers are never fired because our idiot students never complain about the incompetence. And their idiot parents are totally pleased their children are learning nothing about science because science makes the Magic Jeebus Man cry.

Those Muslim countries that ban the teaching of evolution, this is exactly what millions of American assholes want. They want to destroy science education to save their Christian death cult from extinction. Our Christian scum want to completely eliminate evolution from our public school science curriculums. They want to destroy everyone's education.

Fortunately our Christian retards always lose in court but they have successfully prevented some biology teachers from teaching the foundation of biology by harassing them and threatening them, a problem this blog has a post about at These cowardly Christian assholes harassed, threatened, and yelled at an elderly female biology teacher.

Christian assholes, there is no difference between you and your Muslim terrorist friends. Both you and the terrorists are afraid of science. You fear science because you know science education will eventually destroy your disgusting cults.

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