Monday, January 14, 2013

Some definitions

evolution: Genetic change in populations, often producing changes in observable traits of organisms over time.

speciation: The evolution of new populations that are reproductively isolated from other populations.

magical bible creationism: A god fairy waving a magic wand to create stuff out of nothing.

magical intelligent design creationism (previously known as magical creation science): A god fairy waving a magic wand to create stuff out of nothing.

magical theistic evolution: Evolution polluted with supernatural magic, as if magic could be a mechanism of a natural process. 


Many thanks to Jerry Coyne, the first two definitions are from his masterpiece Why Evolution is True, a book which everyone should buy and read. There's nothing tedious to read in Why Evolution is True like some books about science. Countless evidences for evolution are explained and it's all very interesting. I used to think it would be impossible for an evolution denier to still deny evolution after reading this book, but I underestimated the stupidity of Christian tards.

The last three definitions are the religious fantasies most Americans prefer instead of science. In normal countries these idiots can only be found in insane asylums. Unfortunately there's nothing normal about Idiot America. 

You will notice the first two fantasies have identical meanings. They are exactly the same thing. Dishonest Christian assholes like to pretend calling magic "design" makes it less childish but it's still magic and it's still insane.

Magical intelligent design creationism was called magical creation science until 1987 when the Supreme Court threw it out of public schools because it's religious bullshit and not science. In 2005 a federal court made the exact same decision about magical intelligent design creationism. Christian scum keep renaming their bullshit fantasies because they think calling magic by another name will let them get away with dumbing down science education to accommodate their magic jeebus man.

The third religious fantasy, magical theistic evolution, is not evolution. It's magical creationism, not much different from the other creationism fantasies. People who believe in the theistic evolution fantasy think they are a bit more intelligent than the Bible thumping tards, but they're still uneducated morons. Please see Jerry Coyne, author of Why Evolution is True, wrote "Theistic evolutionists are creationists."


If I had to choose the one best post in this blog it would be the 2nd post which I wrote on December 4, 2010. It has a radio speech which you can listen to and/or read. You can read it because I wrote the whole thing down. It's a very eloquent speech about evolution. The speaker is Ken Miller, a Brown University biologist. He is America's most effective defender of science education and for that I can forgive his one character defect. He says he's a Christian (or he pretends to be a Christian to sell books).

Today I discovered the link to the speech was obsolete but I fixed it. Here it is. Please listen to it and read it.

If there's anything that might make Christians understand why denying evolution is a waste of a life, it is this speech by Ken Miller.



The stupid burns out of control at Creation Ministries. I wrote a comment for the wackos which of course will never be published.

"Atheists typically assume that they are open-minded, but they usually exclude even the possibility of a Creator."

You're right. I'm so close-minded I have completely ruled out any possibility of supernatural magic in the universe. I also refuse to believe in Easter Bunnies.

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