Sunday, January 27, 2013

99.9% of American biologists accept evolution. In less god-soaked countries the percentage is much higher.

Professional science deniers tell their gullible customers there are biologists who don't accept evolution. That's true if you want to count the idiots who work for Bible colleges and who have never contributed anything important to biology.

From wikipedia: One 1987 estimate found that "700 scientists ... (out of a total of 480,000 U.S. earth and life scientists) ... give credence to creation-science"

I did the math. 700 out of 480,000 is 0.1%. The other 99.9% of earth and life scientists in America agree evolution is the strongest fact of science.

Science is not a democracy. Scientists don't vote on what's true and what's bullshit. But there must be a reason why every single serious biologist in the world loves evolution. That reason is the evidence, tons of it, powerful undeniable evidence that continues to grow every day. Evolution has been tested repeatedly and it's passed every test. Evolution will never be thrown out for the same reason the idea our planet orbits the sun will never be thrown out. Evolution is a basic scientific fact.

If you're an evolution denier that's fine with me. It's your wasted life, not mine. But you should at least stop pretending there's any real scientists on your side. You should stop pretending there's a debate about the truth of evolution. That debate ended more than a century ago. There is no controversy about the basic facts of evolution.

My point is if you continue your religious war against science education you're never going to accomplish anything. Science always wins because it works.


Another misconception evolution deniers (also known as creationists because they believe in a god fairy who waves a magic wand to create creatures out of nothing) have about biologists (and everyone else who accepts the established truth of evolution) is they are liberals. That's ridiculous. Evolution is a scientific idea, not a political idea. There is a large percentage of science denying idiots in the Republican Party but there are millions of Republicans who love evolution. I am one of those Republicans. The idiots among us disgrace conservatism. There's nothing conservative about denying reality.

Stop pretending only liberals have enough common sense to accept the massive evidence for evolution. The word liberal is an insult. Please do not insult the real Republicans who love science.


You creationists have a few other problems. You don't understand what you're denying. Every time you write or say anything about evolution you are showing off your total ignorance of science. Try looking things up instead of making fools out of yourselves. If you're gullible enough to believe everything your favorite liar for jeebus says without checking the facts, then it's fair to call you an uneducated moron.

I can't imagine being able to deny evolution. I mean how much fucking evidence do you god-soaked idiots need? There's a good reason creationists are called flat-earthers. They are equal to the people who used to think the earth is flat, equally stupid and equally insane.

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