Thursday, September 27, 2012

To justify their bullshit, cowardly gullible idiots invent more bullshit.

A magical soul was invented to explain and justify the magical heaven fantasy. Since the stinking corpse stays here on Earth to rot, the cowards who believe in life after death needed something to magically fly to their magical paradise. The magical soul solved their problem.
How do Christian tards explain their disgusting magical resurrection of the Magic Jeebus Man? His internal organs were decomposing for three days. Imagine the horrible smell.
No problem. Just invoke more magic. Their god fairy waved its magic wand, keeping the maggots away. Nothing decomposed thanks to the magical intervention of their magical god. When the dead Jeebus magically rose from the dead it was like he just came out of a bathtub.
For gullible cowardly idiots, magic solves every problem. Unfortunately for these drooling morons, magic is not real.


There are millions of fucking idiots who believe in a magical master of the entire universe, and all the other magical bullshit that usually comes with the god fantasy. They like to say "You can't disprove our Magic Man. All you have is faith that it doesn't exist." As if not believing in an asshole's idiotic fantasies requires faith. I call these fucking idiots "fucking idiots" because they are fucking idiots.

At another website I wrote some comments about one of these fucking idiots who expect normal people to disprove their bullshit.

"When people practice their religions faithfully, the world IS a better place."

Translation: When people believe in childish things that have no evidence, the world IS a better place.

What makes it better? The child abuse called religious indoctrination? The suicide bombings? The never ending Christian war against science education? All these people, the child abusers, the terrorists, the anti-science imbeciles, they're all practicing their religions faithfully.

I noticed you god-soaked people never provide any evidence for your fairy with unlimited magical powers. Let's have that scientific evidence and it better be fantastic evidence because the god fantasy is ridiculous.

Of course there never will be any evidence for supernatural magic. A magical god is as likely as a magical Harry Potter.

"In the end, most religion boils down to a single starting question: Does our consciousness continue after this life? The Four Horsemen can only use faith, not proof, to render their answer of "no"."

Your consciousness that continues after people (and not any other species) become worm food, that's your childish fantasy. It's not up to normal people to disprove the fantasies of cowards who are afraid to grow up. If you want to believe in a magical something after death, then it's up to you to provide evidence for it. Let's have that evidence.

You're like a person who believes there are pink elephants orbiting an asteroid in some other galaxy. Should I have to disprove that? No, of course not. It's enough to say it's insane. Your magical consciousness is equally insane.

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