Thursday, September 27, 2012

A brief summary of this blog.

This blog has 1,140 posts. What the heck is it for? Why did I waste so much time here?

This blog defends reality and attacks bullshit. I was motivated to create this blog because I live in the most god-soaked country in the world that isn't a Muslim theocracy. It's called the United States of Jeebus. It's the world's largest insane asylum. It's also called Idiot America.

The Christian assholes who infest my country annoy me for many reasons.

There's the religious brainwashing. It's called religious indoctrination but it's really the worst kind of child abuse imaginable because it destroy the minds of its victims, making them unable to have an original thought, and it sucks out all the curiosity they were born with. The curiosity that makes human progress possible is completely destroyed by our professional Christian child abusers.

I understand how the brainwashing works because I was a student at a Catholic school for nine wasted years, kindergarten thru 8th grade. Imagine being forced to listen to the bullshit "Christ died for your sins" several thousand times a year for nine years, while learning absolutely nothing about science. Fortunately, partly thanks to a brilliant girl friend I had in a public high school, I was able to throw the bullshit out. Millions of other victims were not so lucky. Their entire lives will be wasted because they will never be able to grow up.

Christian assholes have a big problem with science, especially biology, because science obviously makes their magical master of the universe unnecessary. Of course even without the science the god fantasy is obviously bullshit, but what terrifies Christians the most is science. They are extremely terrified of the branch of science called evolutionary biology. They deny it or they pollute it with magic. It's virtually impossible to find a Christian who accepts evolution without sticking the Magic Jeebus Man in there somewhere.

To solve their fear of science, they have been relentlessly attacking science education, a problem this blog has documented with 157 posts.

Evolution is the strongest basic fact of science. Evolution has two things going for it. The evidence is extremely interesting and the science threatens every religious fantasy ever invented. This blog has 95 posts about the evidence for evolution and 135 posts about the religious implications of evolution.

To find these posts just look at the right column where there are lots of labels, for example there's a label called "assholes for Jeebus". To find the word "LABELS" in the right column you will have to scroll down quite a bit.

This blog has extreme contempt for religious assholes, especially the Muslim scum who can't exist without crying like babies every time somebody in some other country doesn't suck up to their idiot prophet. When these insane retards for Allah are not crying, they are rioting, murdering people, and blowing themselves up. They are not human and they need to be wiped off this planet.

If you're an American Christian you need to read this blog to help you understand why your disease is destroying my country. You need to understand you have a terrible mental illness. A big part of being cured is knowing how sick you are. And you Christians are extremely sick. Of course your stupidity usually makes your disease incurable, but you should at least try to grow up. Unfortunately you almost never try. You're happy in your magical fantasy world, and you think religious indoctrination is a good thing, never caring how many lives you destroy. I hope you enjoy being ridiculed the rest of your worthless lives because the ridicule will never end.

This blog also has 109 off-topic posts. See the label "anything else I want to write about". These posts are about other things I'm interested in (for example the 2012 election for USA president). Any posts that have nothing to do with my contempt for religious assholes or my love for evolution get the "anything else I want to write about" label.

I no longer allow comments because I used to dread coming home from work to find out my blog was polluted by a deranged Christian retard, or even worse a wimpy atheist who thinks I should suck up to religious scum. If you like to write comments (as I do) you came to the wrong place.

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