Sunday, September 23, 2012

Evolution deniers get everything wrong, including their wishful thinking that says evolution is a racist idea.

At this New Zealand website I wrote a comment about the uneducated morons (creationists) who think evolution equals racism. If Christian assholes want to see racism they should read their disgusting Bible.


It's almost impossible to find a racist biologist because they understand evolution. They understand that if person's skin color is black, it's because their ancestors developed to be best able to survive in a tropical environment where there's lots of sun that could cause skin cancer to people with lighter skin. If a person is white that person's ancestors evolved to be able to survive in a northern climate where there's much less sun. The lighter skin color makes it easier to absorb more vitamin D from what little sunshine there is. I'm white but where I live in south Florida, a semi-tropical environment, it's dangerous for me to go outside without a wide brimmed hat. My black neighbors don't have this problem so it's fair to say where I live black people have an advantage I don't have. They are more evolved to survive where I live. Anyone who says evolution is a racist idea have it completely wrong because the exact opposite is true.


Please see The best way to eliminate racism from the world -- teach evolution.

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