Thursday, September 27, 2012

Incredibly stupid people who deny the established truth of evolution

Hey science deniers, this is 2012, not the Dark Ages. We have something called science and it works. You science deniers have something called insanity and it doesn't work.
A suggestion for you god-soaked cowards who are terrified of evolutionary biology: Grow up, educate yourself, and face facts.
Evolution is a fact and if you still don't know that then you're an uneducated moron. Would it kill you retards to read a book? Would a little education make your Magic Jeebus Man cry?
Read it and if you still want to live in your childish everything-is-magic fantasy world, then you belong in an asylum.
Sorry, but I have no patience for bloody idiots who are too lazy and too cowardly to grow up.



Most definitely YES. But let's ask the Magic Jeebus Man.

ME: "Do you, Mr. Magic Jeebus Man, accept the overwhelming evidence for the basic facts of evolution, including the fact that you, sir, are an ape."

Magic Jeebus Man: "What is evolution? Also, what's an ape?"

My point is the Magic Jeebus Man didn't know shit about anything, but if he lived in the 21st century he most definitely would be an evolution denier. Jeebus most certainly believed in magical creation, therefore Christians, whether they agree evolution is true or not, worship an uneducated moron who believed everything is magic.

So does Christianity equal magical creationism? Just ask your dead Jeebus.

And you Christians who don't think Christianity equals magical bullshit, why do you worship a dead asshole who loved magical bullshit? I know why you worship a dead creationist ape. It's because you Christians, including you Christians who pretend you're moderate, are fucking retards.


If you're fortunately enough to live in a civilized country instead of the United States of Jeebus you might not realize how much extraordinary stupidity infests this country. Americans are god-soaked stupid assholes and this YouTube video demonstrates how bad it really is.

Intelligent Design On Trial (NOVA Documentary)


In this quote from his famous YouTube video Bill Nye explains why the evolution deniers don't know what they're missing. There is something exciting about how reality works. The magical fantasies the science deniers prefer are boring.

"Evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science, in all of biology. It's like, it's very much analogous to trying to do geology without believing in tectonic plates. You're just not going to get the right answer. Your whole world is just going to be a mystery instead of an exciting place."



I wrote these comments at another website:

"Finally, acceptance of evolution is not rejection of God. Christian churches are increasingly embracing theistic evolution."

Theistic evolutionists are evolution deniers because magic is not a mechanism of evolution. You can't stick your Magic Jeebus Man into biology and then pretend you accept evolution.

If a person does not completely accept evolution as a natural process without a god fairy's magic wand, that person is a science denier. To call 'theistic evolution' a good thing is even more disgusting than the uneducated imbeciles who call themselves theistic evolutionists.

If people pollute science with their childish religious fantasies, they deserve the same contempt the Bible thumpers and terrorists deserve.

"Such an awe- inspiring process can happen only under the divine guidance."

Please grow up. Divine guidance = The Magic Man Did It. This is 2012, not the Dark Ages.

"Just another letter trying to prop up man-made ideas rather than taking God at his Word in Genesis 1."

The person who wrote this has a terrible mental illness and it's incurable. Religious indoctrination destroys the minds of its victims, and the brainwashing sucks out all the curiosity that everyone is born with. The god-soaked victim has learned how to never question anything, especially the idiotic insane Bible. The victim has learned how to never wonder, never be curious, never try to understand reality.

No curiosity equals no human progress.

"The strength of cumulative scientific evidence for evolution is such that most scientists now accept evolution as a fact."

What do you mean by 'most scientists'? 100% of biologists accept the foundation of biology (evolution) as the strongest basic fact of science. 100% is not 'most'. 100% is all scientists.

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