Sunday, September 23, 2012

Praying = talking to yourself = a mental illness = extreme stupidity

Anyone who prays, whether it's showing off how holy they are in public, or prays alone, they are batshit crazy. Even if I wanted to throw out all common sense and pretend a magical master of the universe was real, I can't imagine why this monster with unlimited magical powers, also known as god or allah or the Magic Jeebus Man, would give a shit about the human apes on this insignificant planet in a universe of countless trillions of planets, and actually listen to a religious idiot pray.
Where I live (Idiot America) the religious insanity is out of control. The religious morons are destroying this country. The religious brainwashing is child abuse. The Christian war against science education is disgusting. Enough is enough. We got to eradicate the burning stupidity.

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