Sunday, September 23, 2012

Two good questions: Why believe in the Magic Jeebus Man? Why believe in any god fairy?

I wrote a comment at another website. The questions asked were Why should we believe in a Christian god, and why should one need a god anyway?

Why should one need a god anyway?
A god fairy with unlimited magical powers is very useful for uneducated morons who are unable to understand scientific ideas. Also, the god fantasy makes it possible for cowardly gullible people to invent other supernatural bullshit like a magical soul that magically flies to a magical heaven. Cowards need their invisible friend who loves them.
The other question: why believe in the Christian fairy? Every moron who believes in a god believes the exact same bullshit their parents believe. There's an obvious reason for it. Intense brainwashing, which has been perfected after centuries of practice, always convinces the gullible child the religion of their parents is the one true bullshit religion. This is why Americans grow up to be Bible thumpers and in Muslim countries children grow up to be suicide bombers.
Of course occasionally a child will be bright enough to figure out his or her parents are fucking retards. So they throw out the cowardly bullshit and they become normal, also known as atheists.

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