Friday, September 2, 2011

Evolution deniers don't understand what they're denying. They think in evolution everything happens by chance.

Stupid can't be fixed but Christian tards (also known as science deniers) should read this anyway instead of repeatedly showing off their total ignorance of how evolution works.

Natural Selection is an extremely simple concept. But still creationists don't understand it. Creationists keep saying evolution is random and everything in the development of a new species is pure luck, therefore it couldn't possibly work, therefore magic is true. As if their misconceptions are evidence for their fairy's magic wand.

By the way the word "creationist" means "worse than extremely insane" and/or "worse than extremely retarded". Sorry but I can't talk about you Christian assholes without mentioning your worst problem which is you're all drooling morons.

Natural Selection is not random for the same reason Artificial Selection is not random. When a farmer allows only the best cows for milk production to reproduce there's nothing random about that, except the random mutations that made the cow more lucrative for the farmer. What's not random at all is the farmer's decision to choose the best cows for his or her business. Those cows pass on their superior genes to the next generation. The genes of the worst cows for milk production disappear from the herd when those cows drop dead. 8,000 years of artificial selection of accumulated advantages have given the world cows that produce an enormous amount of milk. Please notice that natural selection has had almost four billion years to do its thing, which is an enormous amount of time.

Natural selection works exactly the same way, but instead of the human breeder doing the selecting, nature does the selecting. The creatures who can't survive long enough to reproduce in a changing environment don't pass on their genes to the next generation. Random mutations give some creatures a slightly better chance of success but their selection by nature is not random. Therefore evolution is not dependent on chance. That's why the modern human apes have larger brains than the other Great Apes. Our species would have gone extinct without nature selecting the smartest creatures in an environment that was difficult to survive in. Please notice there was a lot of climate change in the past several million years in Africa where our species evolved which gave non-random natural selection plenty of selecting to do. The branch that developed into today's human apes would most certainly have gone extinct without natural selection.

The University of Chicago biologist Jerry Coyne explains this concept perfectly on pages 118 and 119 of Why Evolution is True. Unfortunately Christian tards would never buy Jerry Coyne's priceless masterpiece because they don't want to make their dead Jeebus cry. I could type his four paragraph explanation to this post but I would be wasting my time because creationists can't understand anything.

It's too bad creationist tards prefer to remain willfully ignorant because Jerry Coyne's explanation of non-random natural selection is exactly what I would expect from a biologist who works at one of the best universities in the world. It's brilliant.

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  1. Jerry Coyne should put out a cartoon edition that would be at the correct level, kind of like a Chick Tract of Actual Truth.


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