Saturday, September 24, 2011

This post is for Christian assholes and Muslim assholes who are not able to understand why normal people ridicule them.

I wrote two comments at California Atheist Billboards Lump Magic Underwear, Voodoo With Salvation.

Human Ape
An atheist group continues to spread its anti-Christian, anti-religion message in the typically conservative communities of Orange County, Calif., by unveiling two more billboard signs mocking faith this week.

The message is also anti-stupidity, anti-insanity, and anti-mental-child-abuse (also known as religious indoctrination).

Listed underneath the proclamation are 36 different references to Christianity, other religions, and cults. Included in the list are: "Talking Snakes," "Burning Bushes," "Resurrection," "Salvation," and "Sin."

Christianity is a cult, the Christian Death Cult.

The Magical Resurrection (the stinking Jeebus corpse became a zombie) is the most disgusting fantasy ever invented. There's not a shred of evidence for it (gullible dead witnesses are not evidence for anything), but gullible Christians believe it anyway, never caring this magic trick is impossible and ridiculous.

Human Ape
Paul Roy asked "If atheists don't believe in religion why does it bother them so much that others do?"

Because unlike Christians, atheists (also known as normal people) have moral values. Normal people are against religious brainwashing of young children. We are disgusted by the Christian War Against Science Education. And we're against the religious violence made possible by the cowardly heaven fantasy which every Christian and Muslim shares.

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