Thursday, October 4, 2012

YouTube video: the October 3, 2012 debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney

Presidential Debate 2012 (Complete) Romney vs.Obama - 10/3/2012 - Elections 2012

Both candidates for president did a fairly good job, but Romney seemed to be having more fun.

Obama and Romney like each other and that's a good thing.

Unfortunately for President Obama, an unemployment rate permanently stuck above 8%, and trillions of dollars of rapidly growing debt, these are not easy things to defend.

Many Democrats were a bit disappointed in their president's performance. Will the debate help Romney enough to erase Obama's massive lead in the polls? We will find out in about three days.

Since this is an anti-religion blog, I should point out that only Romney invoked a magical creator, but at least he didn't overdo it. Unlike some of his Republican opponents in the primaries, Romney wants to be president of the United States, not preacher man of the United States.

I wrote three comments at another website. My 2nd and 3rd comments were my replies to the liberal asshole I wrote about in my first comment.

Even some Democrats thought Romney did a better job. Many people think Romney now has at least a chance to win the election while before it seemed like the election was over with because Obama is way ahead in the polls.
I'm an economic conservative. I love free enterprise and I don't much care for the Democrat's Tax and Spend philosophy. A big difference between Obama and Romney is Romney does not think punishing the most successful job creators with more taxes is going to encourage them to hire more people. Romney loves small businesses and he will do everything he can to encourage small business owners hire more people, and he won't do that by raising their taxes.
On this website on another post a liberal loon, who frequently talked about how educated and knowledgeable he was, said that it was a good idea to raise taxes on job creators so that the government could spend more money on stimulating the economy. The problem with that logic is during the first two years of Obama's presidency that's exactly what Obama did, and still we are permanently stuck with an unemployment rate above 8%.
The educated liberal also said trillions of dollars of government debt is not a big deal. And the trillions more dollars of debt expected under Obama's 2nd term is nothing to worry about. He must have figured that out because he's so educated.
The "educated" loon (and President Obama) thinks big government can solve any problem. Romney thinks the private sector can solve their own problems if the government gets out of the way and if the government doesn't tax them to death. Romney has faith in free enterprise. Liberals don't understand free enterprise.
A fact: job creators have already stopped creating jobs because they fear the higher taxes President Obama wants. They don't want to hire new employees because they think they will have to fire those employees if Obama is reelected.

Mr. Liberal Loon, just ask the most successful job creators. And try for once in your life to think. Steal money from owners of small businesses, or threaten to steal their money, and they are not going hire anyone.

This is not rocket science but you don't understand. I compare liberals to creationists. Creationists are unable to understand natural selection. Liberals are unable to understand capitalism.

Tax and spend, tax and spend. Don't sweat the out of control debt. Just spend like there's no tomorrow. Steal from the private sector and give it to big government, as if politicians with zero business experience are more qualified than business owners about how to spend that money.

If you're so fucking educated, why can't you understand what motivates job creators? Job creators don't like having their profits confiscated. They would rather reinvest those profits into their business.

But you're a fucking expert about everything so you think you know more about businesses than the hard working people who made those businesses possible.

Look you fucking retard. Your education does not change the fact that you're a liberal. Obama is an educated liberal but he has been unable to get our unemployment rate below 8%. 
The problem is the liberal philosophy. Use any excuse to steal money from job creators. Invoke "weak demand" to justify stealing money from people who would rather reinvest their profits into their businesses. 
Tell the job creators "You're not creating any jobs, so obviously you don't need those profits, so we here in government who are so much more educated than you are, are going to take your profits because even though we have never built a business we know better how to spend your money than you do. We know more about business than business owners because we are so fucking educated and we have a degree in liberal economics. An honors degree. And we are brilliant. Certainly much smarter than you are, Mr. Business Man, even though we couldn't create what you created if we ever bothered to try. But why should we work hard like you did? After all we are extremely fucking educated and we have a very impressive IQ."

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