Tuesday, October 9, 2012

If you're not 100% absolutely certain the god fantasy is bullshit then you're not a real atheist, and if you're not a real atheist you're an idiot.

Look it, fake atheists and full-of-shit agostics, the words "god" and "magic" have the exact same meaning. God equals Magic. They are the same things. A god fairy without magical powers is not a god fairy.

Is there magic in the universe? Has there ever been magic anywhere? No of course not. Magic is not real and if I have to explain why magic isn't real then you're a fucking retard and a waste of time.

What disgusts me more than Bible thumpers and terrorists (all 21st century terrorists are religious) are the fake atheists who pretend they are real atheists while saying something stupid like "I'm 6.9 out of seven certain there's no god." That bullshit came from a world famous fake atheist, Richard Dawkins. He said he was much closer to seven than to 6.9 but it's still a disgusting thing to say. Other fake atheists defended Dawkins and his 6.9 out of seven and they have my contempt.

Are you fake atheists (also known as agnostic scum) less than 100% certain there's no leprechauns? I hope you're not that retarded.

Christian assholes and Muslim suicide bombers can now say the most famous fake atheist in the world refuses to completely rule out their idiotic god fantasy. They can say Richard Dawkins thinks magical god fairies are more likely than leprechauns. The religious extremists who attack science education and murder innocent people to defend their god fairy, they all love Richard Dawkins and the other agnostic wimps who can't make a decision about something as simple as reality.

One more time so idiots might understand: God = Magic = Bullshit. Magical bullshit is not real. Period. The words "probably not real" are childish and idiotic. There either is magic in the world or there isn't any magic. Only idiots would say "probably" or "6.9 out of seven".

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