Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another off-topic post about the 2012 election for the American president.

Everyone agrees Romney won the first debate. Obama made up for it in the 2nd debate by being an asshole. But still the 2nd debate was only a draw or very close to a draw.
Obama's problem is he's incompetent, 23 million unemployed, there's no excuse for it. "It's not my fault" doesn't work anymore.
Lazy people who depend on government handouts (and their liberal asshole friends) will vote for Obama.
People who love free enterprise will vote for Romney.
Everything depends on Ohio voters.
I'm expecting Obama to win Ohio and the election. Then we can look forward to trillions more dollars of debt with nothing to show for it, as is the situation right now.
The 23 million desperate Americans who can't find work should vote for Romney but most of them prefer the handouts. Why work when Obama will feed you with other people's money?
47 million Americans get food stamps. That's 1/6th of the population who can't exist without free food. You can thank Obama for it. What a fucking incompetent piece of shit but he will win anyway.

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