Thursday, October 4, 2012

Memo to America's Magical Intelligent Design Creationists: Fuck off and die you dishonest brain-dead assholes.

I wrote these comments at another website:

"Finally, critically, we must expose Intelligent Design for what it really is: religious prejudice masked as intellectual freedom."
Also, we must expose Intelligent Design Creationism for being an idiotic childish religious belief in magic. Invoking intelligent design equals invoking magic.
The IDiots who call themselves "intelligent design creationists" are constantly pretending their magical designer doesn't necessarily have to be the god fairy of the Genesis fantasy in the disgusting Bible. But in private they thump their idiotic Bible every chance they get.
There is absolutely no difference between magical intelligent design creationism and magical Bible creationism. Both ideas invoke magic. The invention of the words "intelligent design" was only for trying to sneak religion into science classrooms. It's a fantasy for dishonest assholes who want to destroy science education to defend their Magic Jeebus Man. These assholes for Jeebus always lose in court, never caring about the legal bills the taxpayers have to pay for.
In closing, I would just like to tell the Magical Intelligent Design proponents to fuck off. You people are scum, worse than terrorists. You are traitors who attack America's scientific progress, and you belong in prison for treason.
I'm being too nice. If you Christian assholes really want to know what I think about your breathtaking stupidity and your constant lying about everything, see my blog at

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